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Redmi Note 8

redmi note 8 pro

Redmi note 8 pro comes with the arrival of the New Year, several domestic mobile phone manufacturers have confirmed that they will officially release their new smart phones at the MWC2019 conference at the end of February. The new one-machine naval battle will begin again. The red rice mobile phone that has just been isolated from Xiaomi […]

Redmi Note 7 Pro Launch in India 28th February With Price

remi note 7 pro launch

Xiao Jingang” decided that Redmi Note 7 Pro Launch in India on February 28th. Indian rice noodles have been waiting for a long time. This poster made by Indian colleagues, do you like it? There are many secrets of “Little King Kong” hidden in it. Is there an answer you want? Finally, under the reminder, […]

Redmi Note 7 Pro Features Specs Camera Battery

redmi note 7 features

As the first conscience product after the independence of the Red Rice brand, since the sale of Red Rice Note 7 features on January 15, 2019, in less than a month, the shipments in mainland China have exceeded One million units, its popularity is evident. And with the development of millet in the Indian market in […]